The world's most advanced Robotic food and drinks bar.

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The bionic bar: Is Iceland's Viking-themed bar the future of fast casual?

Ice & Fries, a Viking-themed fast casual concept in Iceland, relies on drink-making robots, a bionic dog and 3D technology to provide an epic self-service dining experience....

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Robots make 3,000 orders a day

The optimization of being a robot in the restaurant sector is high, said entrepreneur Priyesh Patel, who was opening one of the world's most sophisticated bar in Hafnartorg. They can process 3,000 orders daily, so the bar can offer a glass of beer for 500 ISK...

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The world's most advanced bar in Hafnartorg?

One of the world's most technologically sophisticated bar opened this weekend in Hafnartorg. Robots take care of shaking cocktails, three-dimensional food is available on the chairs, and each table has a separate sound system.
The place is the brainchild of Priyesh Patel, who has been a friend of Iceland for over a decade, but plans to open more locations around the world in the near future, including Berlin, Lisbon and Paris....

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Covid cocktails and robots at Hafnartorg

ICE+FRIES by Glacierfire is the country's first smart bar, but it recently opened in downtown Reykjavik, more specifically Hafnartorgi. The restaurant, among other things, is a robot made by bartenders and shakes cocktails at the guests' premises. 135 different cocktails are among the two robots can shake but they have been given the names Flóki and Ragnar...

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Robotic bar in Reykjavik

One of the most futuristic, automated bars in the world has opened at Hafnartorg in Reykjavík. The bar called ICE + FRIES was invented by the entrepreneur and co-owner of the bar Priyesh Patel

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The Role Of Robots Post COVID-19

In late May the world’s first bar built for post-pandemic life opened in Reykjavik, Iceland. The ICE+FRIES bar features a series of advanced technological elements...

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Watch: Iceland opens first bar for post-coronavirus life with robotic bartenders

Iceland witnessed the opening of the first bar designed for a post-coronavirus pandemic lifestyle equipped with robotic bartenders that can produce up to 150 beverages per hour. The ICE+FRIES bar was inaugurated in Iceland’s capital city of Reykjavík...

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High-end Nordic beverage company GlacierFire to open the first bar exploring how robotics and technology can safely bring people together in the post-COVID-19 era....

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This Icelandic Bar Is Utilizing Robot Bartenders For Its Reopening Plan

Ice+Fries is your AI-powered, post-coronavirus watering hole....

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A quoi ressembleront les bars après le coronavirus ? Peut-être à ça

A cause du Coronavirus, les bars ne seront plus les mêmes. Et pas seulement les bars mais pratiquement le monde entier.....

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Robotic chefs are set to transform restaurant kitchens around the world

In the age of pandemic, technology is proving to be a saviour. In recent weeks, Globetrender has looked at how it is helping us in myriad ways.....

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Il robot bartender italiano conquista l’Oriente e fa anche il caffé

Non servono mascherina, guanti e distanza di sicurezza per i due bracci meccanici dietro il bancone...

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Bar post pandemia: in Islanda l’aperitivo è 4.0. I cocktail? Li prepara un robot

I baristi robot possono aiutare a rilanciare l'industria dell'ospitalità dopo COVID-19? A Reykjavìk, in Islanda si inaugura ICE + FRIES, un bar di ultima generazione in collaboraizone con l'azienda GlacierFire...

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Robots shake cocktails at Hafnartorg

It is not human bartenders but robots who shake cocktails at a new location that was recently opened in Hafnartorg. The company Glacierfire operates the site which is the first of its kind in Europe, but the policy is to open more places around the continent. ...

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Robot Bartenders, Waiters Surge in Demand in Pandemic; One Memorizes 20,000 Cocktails

Could a robot make the perfect martini? It might lack the personal touch, but that’s what bars, restaurants⁠—and cybernetics engineers⁠—around the world are trying to find out as the hospitality industry faces one of the biggest challenges in reopening during the COVID-19 pandemic: ensuring safety...

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